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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Your eLearning Directory of Bioinformatics Essentials!

In the previous section we discussed "What makes you a Good Bioinformatician?" and concluded that one requires to take a slice from the three major pillars of bioinformatics i.e. biology, mathematics and computer sciences. It is required to gain expertise in any of the two, and learn the fundamentals of the third one. We also discussed that there are range of options that one can opt for, from amongst the three. Here, I have hand-picked a list of online resources that can provide a PRIMER on some of these options.

Note: This page will update time to time! You might want to save this page for the current listings or Bookmark it for further updates in this catalogue.


Computer Sciences                                

Cross Platform Courses                            

This catalogue is intentionally kept smaller, in spite of dozens of other publicly available courses. The intention is NOT to trigger a "Decision Fatigue", a very common fallacy arose when mind is subjected to multiple options (as very well described by Rolf Debelli), but to facilitate the selection.

If you want to give a try :-) visit:

If you find any alternative and better course for the given topics, please care to use the following comment box. I will update this list whenever possible.


amol said...

Good Work. Respect.

Amol Kolte said...

Thank you!!

Amol Kolte said...

I will pay it forward in your behalf.

Robert said...

There's a course starting soon on edx.org, called Data Analysis for Genomics.