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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bioinformatician's Pocket Reference !!

It is amusing how brain of bioinformaticians work! Learning a new programming language for days feels so much of fun that making 5 minute discussion with neighbours (unless under special circumstances!) in our own mother-tongue. Today every bioinformatician keeps more than few languages and core IT toolkits on their plate. It has become mandatory to be able to mould different code snippets to build our own custom workflows, and thus keeping syntax at our fingertips has become essential.

Although Google is best way to get syntax problem solved, it is not a bad idea to keep reference sheets is our smartphones or stick out some printed sheets on the back of your door, in the old fashion way!!

    1) Apache

    2) Awk/Gwak

    3) C

    4) C++

    5) Debian

    6) Git

    7) HTML

    8) Java

    9) Mathematica

    10) Matlab

    11) MySQL

    12) Perl

    13) PHP

    14) Python

    15) Screen

    16) Ubuntu

    17) UNIX

    18) Vim

These are handpicked reference sheets and you may encounter various other versions of these over Internet. If you find any version of reference sheet which is worth sharing, feel free to paste the link below.

At the end, I sincerely acknowledge the authors who put their efforts in designing these informative reference sheets and made it available for us.

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